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Other Investments

To update your other investments, follow these steps.

Updating the Market Value

Globe Portfolio does not provide pricing information for 'other investments.' Instead, you can update the value of these investments as often as you want as different prices are reported to you or as you receive new appraisals. How often you choose to update the market value of your investment is up to you, however, keep in mind that more frequent updates mean that your portfolio reports will be more accurate. To update market value, click Other Investments - Update Market Value on the Portfolio Menu.

Record Income and Expenses

While tracking your investment, you may wish to record associated income and expenses. Income may include dividends or interest if you are tracking bonds, or rent received if you are tracking a rental property. Expenses may include brokerage fees if you are tracking bonds. To record income or expenses, click Other Investments - Record Income/Expenses on the Portfolio Menu.

Purchase or sale of additional shares

If you have bought additional shares or sold shares since your initial investment (for example, if you are tracking foreign stocks), you can record this change in the number of shares held by clicking Other Investments - Record Buy/Sell on the Globe Portfolio Menu. No actual shares will be bought or sold.

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