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Record Dividend

About Record Dividend: Globe Portfolio automatically records dividends in your portfolio as they occur. You can view the dividends that have been added to your portfolio by clicking View/Edit/Delete Transactions - Stocks on the Globe Portfolio Menu page.

There are two cases in which dividends should be entered manually.

  1. Dividends occurring before December 31, 1998: Globe Portfolio does not have dividend data prior to December 31, 1998. To track stocks prior to December 31, 1998, dividends occurring prior to that date should be entered manually.
  2. Special dividends: Some stocks pay dividends in shares of another stock. To record such a dividend in your portfolio, calculate the cash value of the dividend and record the dividend as a cash dividend using the steps below.

To record a dividend, follow these steps. Recording dividends is easiest if you have your statements from your broker.

  1. Choose the stock you want to record the dividend for from the pull-down list beside Select Stock.
  2. Enter the payment date of the dividend in the date fields in the format yyyy mm dd.
  3. Under Payment Amount, click the circle beside Total Amount $ and type the total dollar value of the dividend in the adjacent box OR click the circle beside Per Share Amount $ and type the per share amount of the dividend in the adjacent box.
  4. Click Go. The Confirmation screen will be shown.
  5. If the details are correct, click Confirm this Transaction. If you need to make a change or correction, click your Web browser's Back button.

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