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Record Buy/Sell - Stocks

About Record Buy/Sell-Stocks: Use this page to update your portfolio whenever you buy or sell stocks. You do not have to record dividends, Globe Portfolio will record them automatically. Recording transactions is easiest if you have your statements from your broker.

Globe Portfolio does not have split-adjusted prices prior to December 31, 1998. For this reason, we strongly recommend tracking your stocks after December 31, 1998. If you wish to track stocks prior to December 31, 1998, make sure that the price and shares are adjusted for all splits up to that date.

To record a buy/sell, follow these steps.

  1. Choose the stock you want to record the buy or sell for from the pull-down list beside Select Stock. If the stock is not in the list, enter the symbol and exchange in the box beside Enter Symbol. Valid exchanges codes are: T-Toronto, M-Montreal, X-Canadian Venture, D-CDN, N-New York, A-American, Q-Nasdaq, Q2-Nasdaq-OTC.
  2. Enter the date of the transaction in the date fields in the format yyyy mm dd. When first setting up your portfolio, you can track your stocks from this point forward by using the date and number of shares held shown on your most recent broker's statement. Alternatively, if you have kept good records, you can track your stock from the time of purchase if you know the date, number of shares and market price at which you first bought the stock.
  3. Under # Shares or Amount, click the circle beside # Shares and type the number of shares you purchased or sold on the transaction date in the adjacent box OR click the circle beside $ and type the total dollar value of the transaction in the adjacent box. If you are recording the number of shares you own and are entering information from your most recent broker's statement, you would be entering either the number of shares you now own OR the total value of your investment in the stock.
  4. Under Share Price, click the circle beside $ and type the share price in the adjacent box. Alternatively, you can click the circle beside Market Price and Globe Portfolio will automatically supply the share price at the close of business on the specified date.
  5. If you are paying any fees for this transaction, either to a broker or financial planner, you must enter either a percentage or a dollar value.
  6. Click either Buy or Sell depending on the type of transaction you are entering. No real units will be bought or sold. The Confirmation screen will be shown.
  7. If the details are correct, click Add to my portfolio. If you need to make a change or correction, click your Web browser's Back button.

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