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Standard Report

About Standard report: The Standard report shows the value of your investments since inception (i.e., since you started keeping track of your transactions with Globe Portfolio). If you entered transaction history that goes back several years, by default the Standard report shows the value and gain/loss in the value of those investments since the date of the first transaction entered to the close of the most recently completed trading day. Alternatively, by selecting a Period Ending other than the most recent date, you can look at the value of your portfolio and gain/loss since the date of the first transaction to the selected month-end date.

The Standard report includes one row of information for each investment that you own at the valuation date and excludes those investments that you may have sold before the valuation date.

Name: Name of the holding. Click on a fund name to view its profile. Fund profiles provide key facts about the fund including a distribution report, top holdings and investment objectives. Click on a stock symbol (when underlined) to view its corporate snapshot. These snapshots provide a brief description of the company's area(s) of concentration, its main sources of revenue, its annual financials and industry competitors.

# Units/Shares: Total number of units held in each holding at the report date.

Symbol (stocks only): Symbol and exchange of the stock. Click the symbol to view the latest available quote along with a 30-day performance table and company news.

Current Price ($)
Funds: If the fund company provides a daily closing price for this fund, the price shown in this column would be today's closing price (if this is a weekday evening after 7 p.m. EST). Otherwise, it would be the closing price for the previous business day. Many funds only provide a weekly or monthly price, so the Curr Price would represent the most recently published price. If the price shown is not today's price or the price at the close of the previous business day, a date will appear in parentheses after the fund name.

Stocks: The price is the most recent closing price for this security. Updates for the current day's prices are completed at approximately 6:30 p.m. each day.

Other Investments: The price is the latest market value price that you entered for that asset using the Update Market Value option under Additional Other Investments Trans on the Portfolio Menu page.

Market Value ($): Market value is calculated as the number of units/shares multiplied by the current price plus any additional income (stocks and Other Investments only).

Total Cost ($): The total cost of the units held (i.e., the out-of-pocket investment made by you for the units held). For the purpose of this item, reinvested mutual fund distributions are not considered to be out-of-pocket investments.

Unrealized Gain/Loss ($): Mkt Value minus Total Cost from the first transaction date to the report date.

Unrealized Gain/Loss (%): Percent change between Total Cost (A) and Mkt Value (B) from the first transaction date to the report date (i.e., 100 x (B-A)/A). This percent change does not have any particular timeframe associated with it (it could be 2.5 years or one month, depending on the date of the first transaction entered).

% of Port: Shows the Mkt Value of your holdings as a percentage of your portfolio's total holdings. The value of the cash balance (if enabled) is not included in this calculation.

Trans/Chart/News: Click the green symbol shown in this column to display a report showing all transactions for a particular holding. Click the chart symbol in a row for an individual holding to generate a chart for that holding. Click the chart symbol in the blue Total row to generate a chart for your entire portfolio. Click the news symbol to view all available news for the company.

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