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Intraday Stock Report

About Intraday Stock report: The Intraday Stock report shows the value of stocks (only) in your portfolio throughout the day. The report shows one row for each stock that you own (the report excludes stocks for which you have sold all shares). As the day progresses, it is useful for tracking the market value of your stocks and the dollar gain or loss for your stocks since the previous trading day.

About Quick Add: Use the Quick Add feature located below the Intraday Stock report to add a buy or sell transaction for a stock.

Name: Name of the investment. Click on a fund name to view its profile. Fund profiles provide key facts about the fund including a distribution report, top holdings and investment objectives. Click on a stock symbol (when underlined) to view its corporate snapshot. These snapshots provide a brief description of the company's area(s) of concentration, its main sources of revenue, its annual financials and industry competitors.

Shares: Total number of shares held at the report date.

Current Price ($): The price is the latest available price for the security. All quotes are delayed 15 minutes.

Average Cost ($): The average cost of the shares that you still own. Average cost does not change when you sell shares, but does change when you buy shares. Average cost is the total dollar amount paid for the shares (Total Cost on the Standard report) divided by the number of shares owned.

Market Value ($): Number of shares multiplied by current price.

Gain/Loss ($): Market Value as of the date and time shown on the report minus Market Value for the previous business day.

Gain/Loss (%): Percent change between Total Cost (A) and Mkt Value (B) from the previous business day to the report date and time (i.e., 100 x (B-A)/A).

Extras: Click the green symbol shown in this column to display a report showing all transactions for a particular holding. Click the chart symbol in a row for an individual holding to generate a chart for that holding. Click the chart symbol in the blue Total row to generate a chart for your entire portfolio. Click the news symbol to view all available news for the company.

Quick Add: To record a buy or sell transaction, follow these steps.

  1. Under Symbol, enter the symbol and exchange in the box. If the symbol is already part of your portfolio, the shares you buy or sell in this transaction will be added or subtracted from those already held.
  2. Under Date, enter the date of the transaction in the date fields in the format yyyy mm dd.
  3. Under # Shares, type the number of shares you purchased or sold on the transaction date in the adjacent box.
  4. Under Price, type the share price in the adjacent box. If you are entering a transaction for a date prior to December 31, 1998, make sure that the price and shares are adjusted for all splits up to that date.
  5. If you are paying any fees for this transaction, either to a broker or financial planner, enter the dollar value of the fee.
  6. Click either Buy or Sell depending on the type of transaction you are entering. No real units will be bought or sold. The Confirmation screen will be shown.
  7. If the transaction is correct, click Confirm this Transaction. To correct or change the transaction, click your Web browser's Back button.

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