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Gain/Loss Report

About Gain/Loss report: The Gain/Loss report breaks down your investments into two classes: those that you still hold and those that you used to hold but have since sold. The report is updated once per trading day, at approximately 8 p.m. EST.

For this report, the period covered is by default from the date of the first transaction (inception) to the current date. By selecting from the drop-down list beside From, you can change the start date to be the beginning of the year or the beginning of the month. This gives you a quick way of tracking your dollar gains and losses over different time periods.

Name: Name of the investment. Click on a fund name to view its profile. Fund profiles provide key facts about the fund including a distribution report, top holdings and investment objectives. Click on a stock symbol (when underlined) to view its corporate snapshot. These snapshots provide a brief description of the company's area(s) of concentration, its main sources of revenue, its annual financials and industry competitors.

Symbol (stocks only): Symbol of the stock and exchange. Click the symbol to view the latest available quote along with a 30-day performance table and company news.

Units Held/# Units: Total number of units currently held.

Units Held/Mkt Value ($): Current value of the units held.

Units Held/Gain/Loss ($): The dollar gain/loss for the units still held (i.e., market value minus total cost).

Units Sold/# Units: Total number of units that were once held but have since been sold.

Units Sold/Total Sales ($): Total value of the proceeds from all sales of the units previously held.

Units Sold/Realized Gain/Loss ($): Total sales minus your out-of-pocket cost of the units sold.

Trans/Chart/News: Click the green symbol shown in this column to display a report showing all transactions for a particular holding. Click the chart symbol in a row for an individual holding to generate a chart for that holding. Click the chart symbol in the blue Total row to generate a chart for your entire portfolio. Click the news symbol to view all available news for the company.

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