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Globe Portfolio offers a set of reports (Standard, Period-to-date, Rolling Periods, Gain/Loss, Annual, and Intraday Stock) that provides information of your portfolio over different time periods.

The Standard report shows you at a glance how your portfolio is performing since you started tracking it. The Period-to-date, Rolling Periods and Annual reports provide return numbers over different timeframes, while the Gain/Loss report shows how much you have made (or lost) on your investments taking into account any sell transactions you have executed. The Intraday Stock report shows the value of stocks only in your portfolio and is updated throughout the trading day.

If you have created an Index List, you will see an Index Report for the indexes you are tracking underneath all the portfolio reports, allowing you to compare the rate of return of your investments to the return of popular indexes.

Viewing Portfolio reports: To view Portfolio reports, click Standard, Gain/Loss, Period-to-date, Rolling Periods, Annual or Intraday Stock on the Portfolio Menu page.

Report updates: All reports, except the Intraday Stock report, will typically reflect your portfolio as of the close of the previous business day. Reports displayed after approximately 8 p.m. EST will reflect the current day's closing prices. The Intraday Stock report shows only the value of stocks in your portfolio and is updated throughout the trading day (weekdays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST). The date shown at the top of all reports indicates the date for which the report information is valid. For example, reports generated on a holiday Monday and the following Tuesday will show Friday's date up until 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday, at which time the report date will be updated to Tuesday's date and Tuesday's closing prices will be used to generate all reports.

Report for all portfolios: If you have more than one portfolio, you can view a consolidated report that summarizes the holdings in all your portfolios. To view the consolidated report, while on any report page select All Portfolios from the pull-down list beside Select another portfolio and click Go.

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