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Globe Portfolio

I can't find a fund I'm interested in following. Could it be under a different name on your Web site?

Look up the name of the fund you are interested in on the left side of the chart. You will find the fund in Globe Portfolio under the associated Fund Company Name.

Name Fund Company Name
20/20 AGF Management Limited
Altafund Altafund Investment Corp.
Altum Evolution FM Inc.
APEX Seaboard Life Insurance Co.
Artisan Assante Asset Management Ltd.
Atlas Mutual Funds Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Canada Inc.
Azura Evolution FM Inc.
Bissett & Associates Franklin Templeton Investments
BPI Mutual Funds BPI Mutual Funds and CI Mutual Funds have merged. The BPI Funds may now be found under the fund company name CI Mutual Funds.
Cambridge Sagit Management Ltd.
Canada Trust TD Asset Management Inc.
Canadian Medical Discoveries Talvest Fund Management Inc.
Centrepost Mutual Funds StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Clean Environment Mutual Funds Acuity Funds Ltd.
Cundill Security funds
Cundill Value funds
Mackenzie Financial
Desjardins Fiducie Desjardins
Hansberger CI Mutual Funds
Harbour CI Mutual Funds
Horizons First Horizons
ICM Integra Capital Management Corp.
Industrial Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Ivy Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Keystone Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Loring Ward Invest Counsel Ltd. Assante Asset Management Ltd.
Lotus (MKW) HSBC Asset Management Canada Ltd.
Marathon Mutual Funds Northwest Mutual Funds Inc.
MAXXUM funds Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Millennia III Imperial Life Financial
Navigator Fund Company StrategicNova Mutual Funds
O'Donnell StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Optima Assante Asset Management Ltd.
Ordre des ingenieurs de Quebec Gestion FERIQUE
Pooled Pension Trust Canadian Equity [Canadian Equity Plus under PHN Group] Stopped tracking in 1995; not a mutual fund.
Rothschild funds Investors Group
The Rothschild fund names begin with the letters GS.
Scudder MAXXUM Co. Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Strategic Value Series of Funds StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Star Mackenzie Financial Corp.
SVC O'Donnell Funds Mgmt. Inc. StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Synchrony Maritime Life Assurance Co.
Templeton Mgmt. Ltd. Franklin Templeton Investments
Trimark funds AIM Funds Management Inc.
Universal Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Westbury Cdn Life Ins RBC Insurance

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