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Cash Balance

How can I track cash with Globe Portfolio?

Globe Portfolio offers two ways to track cash. What would you like to do?

Use the Cash Balance feature
When you use Globe Portfolio's Cash Balance feature, your cash balance will automatically be debited and credited as you buy and sell securities and the cash balance will appear on the portfolio reports. This Cash Balance does not track interest. Your cash balance will not be included in your portfolio's return calculations.

You have the option of starting a Cash Balance when you create a portfolio. On the Create Portfolio page you can choose to enable the Cash Balance and enter a starting balance.

If you have already set up a portfolio, you can enable the Cash Balance at any time by following these steps:

  1. Click Enable/Disable Cash Tracking on the Portfolio Menu page
  2. Select Yes for Use Cash Balance and click the Update button.
  3. Next, return to the Portfolio Menu page and click Cash Tracking - Transfer Cash In/Out
  4. Enter a starting balance for your Cash Balance.

Globe Portfolio will automatically adjust your cash balance for all buys and sells that are entered with a transaction date after the date on which you enabled the cash balance.

Track the cash balance of an interest-bearing account
Track the amount of cash in an interest-bearing account by entering the account as an 'Other Investment.' Click Other Investments-Add Other Investments on the Portfolio Menu page and enter a name with which you will track the investment (for example, 'Bank Account'). You can then enter the initial value of the account and use the Other Investments-Record Income/Expense option on the Portfolio Menu to record interest payments. The 'Bank Account' asset will appear in the portfolio reports. This account will not be automatically debited/credited when you record buys and sells. The return for your cash asset will be included in the portfolio reports.

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I enabled my cash balance, but I can't enter cash transfers for past dates. Can you tell me why?

Unfortunately, when enabling the cash balance after your portfolio has been created - by using the Enable/Disable Cash Balance option on the Portfolio menu - you will only be able to track your cash balance for buys and sells occurring after the date on which you enabled the cash balance. In other words, if you enable the cash balance on May 12th, you will not be able to add any cash to your portfolio before the 12th of May, 2000 and buys and sells occurring prior to May 12th, 2000 will not affect the cash balance.

If tracking the cash balance for prior dates is important to you, you may wish to create a new portfolio. On the Create Portfolio page you can enable cash and specify a start date for your cash balance, allowing you to track cash as far back into the past as you wish.

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My cash balance is negative. How do I add cash to my cash balance?

When the cash balance feature is enabled, your cash balance will automatically be adjusted when you buy and sell securities. If you do not periodically add to the cash balance, the balance may become negative. To record the transfer of cash into your Canadian and/or U.S. dollar cash balance, click Transfer Cash In/Out-Cash on the Portfolio Menu page.

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How do I track interest on cash?

Globe Portfolio's cash balance feature does not track interest on the cash balance. If tracking interest is important to you, consider tracking cash as an other investment, which will allow you to periodically update the interest earned on your account.

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What happens if I disable the cash balance feature?

Disabling the cash balance means that all cash entries will be deleted from the portfolio, cash will not be tracked for future buys and sells, and a cash balance will no longer appear on your portfolio reports. If you wish to begin tracking cash again in the future, you can do so, however, the cash balance will only be tracked as of the date you re-enable cash tracking (buys and sells prior to that date will not affect the cash balance). To disable the cash balance, follow these steps.

  1. In the Use Cash Balance column, select No to disable the cash balance.
  2. Click Update. A confirmation message will be shown.
  3. Click Portfolio Menu to return to the Globe Portfolio Menu page.

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How do I modify a transaction?

To edit a cash transfer, click Cash Balance-View/Edit/Delete Transaction on the Portfolio Menu page. A list of all the cash transfers affecting your portfolio will be shown. Click the Edit link in the Edit column for the transfer you wish to modify, edit the transfers and click Update.

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