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Other Investments

What can I track as an other investment?

In addition to Canadian mutual funds and North American stocks, Globe Portfolio allows you to track any other assets you wish, including foreign stocks, GICs, and real estate. Globe Portfolio does not provide pricing for these investments, but allows you to update the market value of the investment yourself. Your returns are then calculated in the portfolio reports. Tracking such assets involves:

  1. Recording the current or original market value of the asset
  2. Updating the value of the investment periodically using the Update Market Value option on the Portfolio Menu page
  3. Recording any income or expenses associated with the asset using the Record Income/Expense option on the Globe Portfolio Menu page.

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Why isn't Globe Portfolio updating my 'other investments'?

Globe Portfolio does not provide pricing for other investments. You should update the market value of your other investments by clicking Update Market Value-Other Investments on the Portfolio Menu page.

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How do I modify a transaction?

To edit a transaction, click View/Edit/Delete Transaction-Other Investments on the Portfolio Menu page. A list of all the transactions affecting your portfolio will be shown. Click the Edit link in the Edit column for the transaction you wish to modify, edit the transaction and click Update.

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I can't view the Standard report. Why?

If you have not recorded the number of shares you hold for a fund or a stock in your portfolio, you will be able to see the funds added to your Portfolio in the Fund Report and the stocks in the Stock Report. However, the Standard report and charts will not be available.

In order to record the initial number of units held, click Funds-Record Buy/Sell, Stocks-Record Buy/Sell or Other Investments-Record Buy/Sell on the Portfolio Menu page. You will be prompted to enter the number of units held and the date on which you wish to begin tracking your investments. Click the Buy button to record the information in Globe Portfolio. No actual units will be bought - clicking Buy merely records the information in your portfolio.

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